The Swiss Quantum Initiative aims to further strengthen Switzerland’s leading position in the field of quantum technology, from basic research to application.

Image : Gerd Altmann, CC0
Computer glowing futuristic CPU processor concept
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Switzerland is excellently positioned in the field of quantum research, technology and application. The Swiss Quantum Initiative (SQI) aims to further strengthen this leading position. It contributes to Switzerland's ability to compete and connect at the international level and creates a good starting position for international cooperations.

The SQI is coordinated and led by the Swiss Quantum Commission (SQC), a group of leading experts in the field. It is hosted by the Swiss Academy of Sciences SCNAT, mandated by the Swiss Confederation.

The Commission pursues four areas of action:

  1. focus research funding by defining the framework for competitive calls subsequently conducted by the Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF;
  2. nationally coordinate development of infrastructures and platforms for the transfer of knowledge and technology;
  3. develop attractive curricula and evaluate measures to meet the high demand for specialists;
  4. strengthen international partnerships.

For 2023/24, the initiative has been allocated CHF 20 million. Further funding will be requested within the framework of the ERI message 2025-2028.