The Swiss Quantum Initiative aims to further strengthen Switzerland’s leading position in the field of quantum technology, from basic research to application.

Image: Gerd Altmann, CC0


Here you can find all calls that are part of the Swiss Quantum Initiative. Other opportunities for prizes or financial support in the quantum field that are not part of the initiative are listed on the right.

As part of its mandate from the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Quantum Initiative (SQI) is promoting research, innovation and related activities in the field of quantum. With the operational start of the initiative in early 2023, the set of support instruments and corresponding regulations are being developed and will be, step-by-step, deployed.

Calls for scientific research projects and the promotion of science-based innovation are organized in collaboration the SNSF and Innosuisse.

As a first step, in November 2023, a new call for quantum research projects has been launched based on the strategic considerations of the SQC.

As part of the planning process up to 2028, we are working on shaping instruments in the following areas (draft list, in progress):

  • Quantum research projects (first Call for Projects launched: Swiss Quantum Call 2024)
  • Infrastructures for quantum (Call for Ideas launched: 2-pager ideas on national quantum infrastructures developments with a national & industrial relevance)
  • Voucher model to utilize existing, shared infrastructures
  • Support for “industry PhDs”
  • Support for events and conferences
  • Outreach regarding quantum at Swiss high schools